is a streaming device which is very popular in USA. It provides you 3500 channels. Roku has many free channels and paid channels that pay for monthly subscriptions. You can quickly turn on your computer in very easy steps. After activating your Roku code, anyone can enjoy streaming content over a direct wireless Internet connection. The Roku app lets you stream thousands of channels.

What’s the Roku Activation Link?

The Roku activation link is the link you need to use to search the activation code or the link code of your Roku computer. Only when the codes fit, your Roku account will be enabled and you can access the on your Roku device. is the page that you can visit after testing the Roku activation code, so is the Roku activation link code.

Where should look for Roku Link Code?

You can access your Roku account using the Roku can use the means given below to check for link codes.roku com link code

When the interface associations are done, control your device. You should complete all the underlying arrangements after powering the unit. If the underlying system is completed, it is set for language, date, time, and beyond, and you will continue to update the product on your computer. When the upgrade is done, the computer can restart and avoid the updates. From here, you’ll be taken to the landing page screen on your computer. This will require an authentication code that will be a combination of numbers and letters. This is the communication code that you need to enter at

Create an account for

If you want to create a Roku account, you need to visit the following instructions in order:-

  • First, go to the web page of
  • Now, go to the sign-in page.
  • Click on the option to sign up.
  • Enter out all the details you need.
  • So now you need to you create a unique Roku pin to secure your account.
  • Finally actually, successfully complete the creation of a account by entering your credit card information.

Activate an account for

  1. Attach your Roku device to a TV set.
  2. You’re supposed to have internet connection enabled
  3. Once you’re connected to the Internet, the device will try to install or update a few software packages.
  4. Once the software has been updated, the Roku link code will be displayed on TV.
  5. Mention the Roku code that you will need to enter for account verification and activation purposes.

Roku wireless connection :-

Roku is an Internet – based manufacturer of set-top boxes – small devices that let you view online content, such as YouTube or Netflix deals, on your TV. In addition to Ethernet, the new iteration of the Roku box provides Wi-Fi, enabling you to access Internet video over the wireless network of the home. The configuration is very easy, but you need complete device access and a wireless network password.

  1. Put the Roku box on your TV or entertainment center and plug it in the wall socket. Link the box to the AV or HDMI cable to your TV. Insert the batteries used in the remote Roku.
  2. Take the TV and Roku. Press the “Input” or “Source” button on the remote TV until the Roku menu appears. Follow the instructions until the wireless screen appears. Use the remote to select your network and enter your Wi-Fi network access code, then press “next.”
  3. Power on and log in to your computer. Start your web browser and type in the address bar “” Press Enter.
  4. If you don’t already have one, set up a Roku account. Enter the code on your TV screen to complete the configuration process.